critt bio-industries

CRITT Bio-Industries is a Technology Transfer Center specialized in Industrial Biotechnology. Thanks to the implementation of microorganisms, enzymes and our expertise in bioseparation, we help companies to renovate or develop innovative processes and products in fields as varied as Agro-industry, Agri-food, Health, Cosmetology, Chemistry, Environment ... We intervene from proof of concept to pre-industrial scale-up, through the production of demonstration lots. We propose to implement our biological tools for the valorization of multiple biomasses: vegetable, animal and various organic co-products. Key words: Fermentation, Solid Fermentation, Biocatalysis, Biotechnology, Bacteria, Yeasts, Fungi, Microalgae, Enzymes, Immobilization of Enzymes, Down Stream Processing, Biosage, Unit Purification Operations, Process Intensification, Production of Demonstration Lots. Equipments: • Fermenter from 2 to 300 L. • Fermenter in solid medium 50 L. • Centrifuges (continuous, discontinuous) • Cell breaking driver (ball mill, high pressure homogenizer) • Enzymatic reactors from 0.1 to 300 L. • Front filtration pilots (plate, pockets ...) • Tangential filtration pilots (organic or mineral membranes): reverse osmosis, nano, ultra and microfiltration from 50 cm² to 2.5 m². • Electrodialysis driver • Discoloration, demineralization, deodorization on resin / activated carbon - from 60 mL to 15 L. • Lyophilizers, rotary evaporators, laboratory atomizer Certifications: ISO 9001: 2015 Label: Technological Resource Center (CRT) by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Partner of Carnot Institute 3BCar (Bioenergy, Biomolecules and Biomaterials of Renewable Carbon) Activity area : Human food Animal feed cosmetics Pharmacy Chemistry Packaging biofuels fertilizers products Our technological hall enables the implementation of projects from the proof of concept, to the production of batches (300 L.) through the optimization of processes. Our purpose is to make available to companies and public structures our know-how and technology platforms to develop biotechnological processes. For this purpose we propose projects in direct contracting with, research agreements or services. We are also eligible for any form of subsidy and financing for collaborative projects whether regional, national or European) and the Research Tax Credit (CIR) for a base corresponding to double the amount invoiced. Our technological hall enables the implementation of projects from the proof of concept, to the production of 300 litres batches through the optimization of processes. Key words: liquid and solid fermentation, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, microalgae, biocatalysis, enzymes, enzymes immobilisation, downstream processing, production of demonstration lots.