Industrial Biotechnologies and Downstream processing

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CRITT Bio-Industries

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisFunded collaborative project
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Asset Information:
Industrial Biotechnologies and Downstream processing
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Algae cultivation and harvesting, Biocatalytic conversions, Centrifugation, Chemical or enzymatic pre-treatment, Chromatography, Drying, Evaporation, Extraction, Heterogeneous catalysis, Hydrolysis, Industrial fermentation, Mechanical grinding, Membrane filtering, Particle filtering, Solid state fermentation, Thermal or pressure pretreatment
Technology Area:
Industrial biotechnology
Semi Pilot, Pilot
Additional Technical Information:
CRITT Bio-Industries is a modular platform of 800 m² with:
- Liquid State Fermenters from 2L to 300 L
- Solid State Fermenter 50 L
- Biocatalysis reactors from 5 mL to 300 L
- Immobilized enzymes reactors from 5 mL to 30 L
- Downstream unit operations: centrifugation, filtration (MF, MFT, UF, NF, RO), electrodialysis, decoloration, demineralisation, chromatography…
- Analytical equipements

Our offer in collaboration and delivery:
- Biotechnological processes development (TRL 4-6)
- Testing and adaptation of innovative unit operations
- Production of demonstration batches
- Industrial Pré-design, pre-process book (ProcessFLowDiagram, mass balances, …)

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