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The NNFCC is classed as both an SME and a Research Organisation, providing contract research and technology services to government, industry, non-governmental organisations and trade associations. NNFCC is a leading consultancy with expertise in the conversion of biomass into bioenergy, biofuels and biochemicals. NNFCC has extensive experience undertaking strategic evaluation and appraisal projects; qualifying and quantify the success and impact of policy support mechanisms, supporting business compliance, technology appraisal and assessing the robustness of business plans. Much of NNFCC’s work entails strategic and market analysis in support of the development of the bioeconomy, industrial biotechnology and project initiatives in the bio-based energy and chemical sectors.


NNFCC has expertise in feedstocks, feedstock production, feedstock resource analysis, conversion processes (to both energy and chemicals) supporting policies, fuels and energy markets and bio-based chemical opportunities and markets. This enables the NNFCC to identify key issues affecting development and de-risking of project investments. 

NNFCC regularly and openly communicates with a range of stakeholders, on a one-to-one or collective basis, to scope, develop or test ideas and scenarios as well as working as a stakeholder to refine and quantify policy scenarios in all biobased sectors.



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David Turley


David Turley
NNFCC Director

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