greentech innovation center of the luxembourg institute of science and technology

LIST is an RTO based in Luxembourg. It supports the development of competitive and market-oriented products by offering technology-intensive services and prototypes for public and private institutions. LIST works across the entire innovation chain: fundamental and applied research, product and process development, incubation and transfer of technologies. Along this line, the GreenTech Innovation Centre (GTIC) was recently created -a facility for the development of sustainable bio-based products, bioprocesses of industrial interest, and new technologies for the detection and treatment of environmental pollution. The centre offers a complete analytical platform and pilot facilities for process upscaling and downstream processing. Furthermore, it can host companies as part of joint labs. The GTIC is an open access R&D centre working to develop, scale-up and help commercialise bio-based products and processes. More than 60 scientists and engineers can offer complementary competences to support clients from the generation of an idea through laboratory and pilot stages all the way to the development of market-ready sustainable and safer substances, ingredients, and sophisticated end-products. It can also support customers in the optimisation of existing solutions at all steps of product and process development. The GTIC brings together expertise in the fields of industrial biotechnology, molecular biology techniques, metabolic engineering, culture of plant cell lines and microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, microalgae), anaerobic digestion, biocatalysis, green chemistry and product formulation. We can work with companies from many different industrial sectors and backgrounds, such as: - Plant breeders and agricultural operations - Speciality chemicals producers - Personal care companies - Food and feed producers - Bioenergy companies and product biorefining - Pulp and paper operations - Water treatment companies - Enzyme and protein producers - Other actors that consider making use of biotechnologies These are just a few of the sectors we can work together with, so do get in touch to explore how we may be able to support your business. The GTIC offers a broad variety of services to help businesses convert plants, microbes and biowastes into profitable sustainable bioproducts.