biotrend sa

Biotrend is a research-based company offering advanced services in bioprocess development, optimisation and scale-up. We operate a state-of-the-art facility for bioprocess development and host a highly qualified team with international experience. We have experience in a wide variety of biological systems and different, real-life raw materials. Our advanced services include: - Process development and optimization: Devise cultivation strategies aiming at maximizing productivities, yields and titers and achieve integration with raw material pre-processing and downstream processing. - Process scale-up, de-risking and validation: 6x2L, 2x10L, 2x50L and 1x250L fermenters available for thorough scale-up studies and process de-risking. Further, we have direct access to facilities from 1,000L to 200,000L fermentation capacity. - Microbial strain screening: High-throughput platform optimally designed for screening for preliminary assessment of process conditions. Typical screening activities include production of a specific compound or ability to cope with specific medium requirements (ex. able to use specific raw materials, osmotolerance). Clients range from start-up companies, including academic spin-offs, to large companies exploring opportunities of biotechnology, including marine biotechnology, and of the use of renewable raw materials.