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Aug 23 2019

Pilots4U Newsletter

  • 23 August 2019

Following the feedback collected in the course of an initial round of stakeholder workshops, the Pilots4U team has implemented a number of changes on the Pilots4U database interface, in order to improve user experience throughout the site.

The website, which has shifted its focus on the asset database, now offers two distinct ways for searches: The full search, which can be carried out directly on the home page, enables users to rapidly select between a range of criteria and sort the results by location. The step-by-step search, on the other hand, was especially designed for those less familiar with their requirements and breaks down each element of the search process, while also providing additional explanations to users.

Furthermore, registered users, also referred to as asset owners, are now able to receive notifications - either via email or on-site – with data on the number of times their assets have appeared in active searches. A new button has also been added to profiles, enabling registered users to save their searches and quickly access search results.

In addition, direct links with relevant bio-economy websites will be established, starting with BIC, BBI-JU, Forestry TP, EU Bioeconomy Network, EU Algal Biomass Association and many more.

A helpdesk has also been created, which allows user to consult the section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or ask a question directly to a member of the Pilots4U team.

Lastly, both asset owners and users will now be able to use the Pilots4U website to report gaps in open access pilot and demonstration infrastructures across Europe, which the Pilots4U network will evaluate on a yearly basis and potentially promote through a business case.

The Pilots4U database, which now boast a large number of assets and organisation from all across Europe, remains open for business and new assets will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Check it out yourself!