Solution spinning

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Tobias Köhnke


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Asset Information:
Solution spinning
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Textile fibre spinning
Technology Area:
Material technologies
Semi Pilot, Pilot, Demonstration
Additional Technical Information:
Facility for biopolymer dissolution and solution spinning with excellence in processing of cellulose. Multifilament bench, pilot and demo scale equipment for conventional wet spinning and dry-jet wet spinning. Equipment for solution and fiber characterization.

Several flexible spinning lines for conventional wet spinning and dry-jet wet spinning; single and multifilament bench, pilot and demo scale equipment with capacities up to 150 kg solution/h
Including in-line stretching, washing (counter-current washing possible), avivage application, drying and winding/cutting
Expertise in production (dissolution, filtration) and characterization of polymer solutions (rheology, microscopy, clogging value, SLS, SAXS) and spun fibers (wet/dry tenacity, WAXS, birefringence, SEM, BET)
Downstream equipment for processing of fibers into yarn and further into knitted, woven or non-woven textiles, as well as composite materials are available

Address : Argongatan 3043153 SE

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