Fixed Bed Gasification Plant

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Donatella Barisano


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Fixed Bed Gasification Plant
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Technology Area:
Thermochemical conversions
Additional Technical Information:
The plant is based on a 120 kWth downdraft gasifier. Air is used as a gasifying agent. Due to the presence of N2, the produced gas has a heating value relatively low (LHV 4-5 MJ/Nm3dry) and therefore is typically intended for use in internal combustion engines (ICE). To comply with the technical specification of the ICE with respect to tar and particulate contents, the plant is equipped with a gas cleaning system comprising: cyclones, water scrubber, demisters and sawdust filters. The plant is completed by a section supplying enriched air to the gasifier, which allows to obtain a gas with a higher calorific value and lower tar contamination. The plant is a valuable facility in preliminary tests aimed at evaluating the exploitability of biomass residues in a gasification process, or to study the performance of modified ICEs.
Address : MT CR Trisaia, SS Jonica 106, km 419 + 50075026 IT

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