BIO2C – Biochemical Pilot Plant

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Goizeder Barberena


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BIO2C – Biochemical Pilot Plant
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Hydrolysis, Industrial fermentation
Technology Area:
Industrial biotechnology
Additional Technical Information:
This modular and flexible facility is aimed for the optimization of different conversion processes (feedstocks, process conditions, biocatalysts) and to develop and test new biochemical process configurations (SSF, CBP, etc.) and Biorefinery concepts.

It can be used for the development and optimisation of enzymatic hydrolysis and/or microbial fermentation processes as well as for microorganism (yeasts, bacteria, fungus, etc.) growth and validation.

The semi-industrial plant comprises the following stages:

Biomass feeding system,
High solid enzymatic reactors,
Solid- liquid separation,
Detoxification and liquid fraction conditioning
Fermentation train consisting of several monitorized bioreactors.

In further detail it consists of:

Two stirred enzymatic reactors (3 m3) that can be connected to
A fermentation train consisting of three monitorized bioreactors (1, 3 and 6 m3). Temperature range of 25-80 ºC.

The main products and services include:

Testing and Analysis
Product and Process Development
Tailor-made research Contracts
External staff stages and training

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