BIO2C - Prototype pilot plant for biochemical conversion

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Goizeder Barberena


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BIO2C - Prototype pilot plant for biochemical conversion
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Chemical or enzymatic pre-treatment, Hydrolysis, Industrial fermentation
Technology Area:
Industrial biotechnology
Semi Pilot
Additional Technical Information:
This installation is a pilot plant that can reproduce all biochemical conversion steps – from pretreatment to microbial fermentation – of the selected biogenic feedstocks.

 It allows the use of different feedstocks, process conditions (temperature, pressure) and catalysts (acids, alkalis) and the development and testing of new process configuration and biorefinery concepts.

Specific subunits include the following:

Continuous horizontal plug-flow pretreatment reactor:

High flexibility in feedstocks: lignocellulosic feedstocks such herbaceous and woody, considering as well the OFMSW
Particle size: from 4 up to 12 mm
Feed flow: up to 5 kg/h (dry matter)
Temperature: up to 200ºC
Pressure: from 2 bars up to 14,5 bars
Catalyst: acid, alkalis
Residence time: 5 - 15 min
Direct steam injection in the reactor
Processes developed: Liquid hot water // Diluted acid hydrolysis // Hydrothermal

200 L high solids enzymatic hydrolysis reactor:

Temperature: 20-80 ºC
Atmospheric pressure with adjustable agitation speed and pH
With sampling ports

30 L monitorized bioreactor:

Temperature: 23-85ºC
Adjustable agitation speed, air/gas ratios, pH, nutrients)

Complementary services of the pilot facility include:

Full equipped laboratory for product characterization.
Energy and Material balances for feasibility studies.
High solid content processes development.
Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation.

Address : Navarra Urbanización Área de Reparto Ar-331430 ES

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