BIO2C – Gasification Unit

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Asset Information:
BIO2C – Gasification Unit
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Technology Area:
Thermochemical conversions
Additional Technical Information:
This installation comprises an atmospheric bubbling fluidised bed (ABFB) gasification pilot plant with a nominal power of 2 MWt capable of generating a fuel gas suitable for the following cleaning and synthesis processes of 2nd generation biofuels.

Two operating modes are possible: (1) use of air as gasifying agent or (2) use of steam/oxygen as gasifying agent.

Process data and main characteristics:

Minimum power: 60% nominal
Operating pressure: 0,3 bar(g)
Bed temperature: 650 – 950ºC
Freeboard temperature: 700-1000ºC

The type of biomasses to be used comprise a wide range:

Bulk density: 80-800 kg/m3
Moisture content < 20%
Size < 30 mm
Volatiles: 68-87% daf
Ash < 13% dry basis
LHV: 16,1-20,6 MJ/kg

As well as the bed materials and additives:

Bulk density: 1000-5000 kg/m3
Size < 1 mm

The plant includes the following systems:

Biomass feeding system
Bed material and additives feeding system
ABFB Gasifier
Cyclone and discharge system
Bed discharge system
Start-up combustion chamber
Syngas combustion system
Flue gas cooling and cleaning system

Steam generation
Oxygen supply
Carbon dioxide supply
Compressed air supply
Cooling water supply
Natural gas supply

Distributed control system for remote and automatic operation (SCADA)


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