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Environment Park SpA


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Politecnico di Torino

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisFunded collaborative projectNegotiable
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Asset Information:
Raw Material:
Algae - specific
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Algae cultivation and harvesting, Chemical conversions
Technology Area:
Algae cultivation and harvesting
Additional Technical Information:
This plant aims to develop a system for algae growth and wastewater purification through the organication of ammonia, nitrates, phosphates and other nutrients. This plant is based on tubular helical photo-bioreactor, outdoor with no artificial illumination in which the algal growth takes place.The bioreactor is designed as a tubular bioreactor arranged in vertical spiral manner with a system for oxygen removal.
Wastewater and nutrients, after a filtration process, are pumped for feeding discharge and recirculation in the photobioreactor by using peristaltic pumps and the system could be operated in batch or in continuous mode. The algae used for this purpose (Chlorella Vulgaris and Scenedesmus Obliquus) have shown extraordinary vitality in urban wastewater, tolerating a wide range of pH and temperature and having high efficiency in the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus that will be continuously evaluated and compared to other systems.

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