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Kyriakos Panopoulos


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Lignocellulosic - specific
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Primary Processing
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Thermochemical conversions
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CERTH/CPERI runs an integrated laboratory for applications of renewable power production including biomass gasification for power generation. The small scale gasification system (downdraft gasifier 10 kWe – with view of systems of up to 250 kWe) with gas cleaning and engine test integrated. CERTH is committed in running tests in a continuous mode with the effort to provide +85% availability (on diverse fuels). CERTH is working on the required on-line measurements of an automated control system of the small scale gasifier that allows the unmanned flexible operation.
Supporting facilities include:
1. Biomass and other fuel analyses (ISO certified)
2. Biomass preparation unit (crusher, mill, pelletiser)
3. Analytical and sampling (Gas analyses, sampling with a cascading impactor, product gas analyses, tar protocol etc.)
4. Biomass gasifier coupled with engine

An analytical laboratory is run dedicated to the analysis of fuels and materials collected during the runs. The analytical laboratory is accredited with ISO 17025. It operates thermal analysis, TGA, DSC, DTA, CHNSO analyzers, Morphology observation, quantitative elemental analysis and surface mapping of solid samples by Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray EDS, Morphology, nanoparticles size measurement, structural properties, crystalline phase characterization, identification of chemically different species at magnifications up to 1.200.000 with High Resolution Transmission, Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) equipped with X-ray EDS, Identification of Crystalline Phases in Solids (XRD), Surface Area (N 2 sorption), Pore Size Distribution (N 2 sorption), Particle Size Distribution by laser diffraction (dry dispersion), Atomic Absorption for low level metals determination, Elemental Analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic, Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES). This laboratory helps correlate findings from gasifier operation with data from the TGA and agrobased biofuels analyses.

The infrastructure supports analytical work on biomass characterization including reactivity and detailed ash analyses, definition of the most appropriate pre-treatment method, application of pyrolysis or milling in large scale, and continuous, operation and monitoring of fixed bed downdraft biomass gasification in continuous mode coupled with electricity production – a facility that can use within BRISK II diverse fuels that the applicants bring along.

Findings from the operation of the facility can help correlate findings from gasifier operation with data from the TGA and agrobased biofuels analyses performed in house. This modelling correlation can assist to increase the availability of gasification systems in a more flexible way according to the variation of agro residues throughout the year.
Address : CERTH/CPERI, 6th km. Charilaou-Thermi Road57001 GR

40.600104, 22.9702914