Pretreatment and Pelleting Plant

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Pretreatment and Pelleting Plant
Raw Material:
Lignocellulosic - specific
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Mechanical grinding
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Additional Technical Information:
The pre-treatment facility, integrated in CENER Second Generation Biofuel Centre, is composed of the following equipment:

Chipping (woody biomass) and chopping (herbaceous biomass):

Chipper: 22 kW; capacity up to 1000 kg/h.
Chopper: 55KW; capacity up to 3000 kg/h.

Drying (trommel-type rotary dryer):

Burner power: 580 KW
Hot gas flow: 6000 kg/h at 300ºC

Pelleting plant of 200-700 kg/h production capacity and consisting of:

Hammer mill:screen size 2-12 mm
1 m3 mixer: moisture content adjustment and additive feeding
Pellet press from the brand Mabrik model PVR 40 (30 kW):

Capacity up to 500 kg/h and press channels from 6x16 mm to 6x39 mm
Cylindrical die
It is able to work with different feedstock materials (beech, pine, poplar, wheat straw and paulownia, etc.) at different conditions.
Ad Hoc die designs: pellets diameter, compression ratio, numberof holes, etc
New roller design

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