Pressurized reactor and solid oxide cells

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Emanuele Giglio


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Politecnico di Torino

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Asset Information:
Pressurized reactor and solid oxide cells
Raw Material:
C1 gases - specific
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Chemical conversions, Heterogeneous catalysis
Technology Area:
Chemical processing
Semi Pilot
Additional Technical Information:
RES-enhanced biomass-to-gas (BtG) and biomass-to-liquid (BtL) processes based on Solid Oxide Cells (SOC). Facilities consist of a test-rig for the electrochemical characterization of SOCs and a pressurized micro-reactor for the study of the catalytic upgrading of gas mixtures to fuels (gaseous and liquids). The study of the catalytic conversion of the syngas produced by co-electrolysis to synthetic natural gas (SNG) or liquid fuels (e.g. DME) can be carried out on the pressurized micro-reactor. In such a way, core-technologies of BtG and BtL chains can be investigated in the same laboratory infrastructure. Analytics for gas composition evaluation is included.
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