MILENA indirect gasifier, 25 kWth

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Guadalupe Aranda


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Asset Information:
MILENA indirect gasifier, 25 kWth
Raw Material:
Lignocellulosic - specific
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Chemical conversions, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Thermal or pressure pretreatment
Technology Area:
Thermochemical conversions
Semi Pilot
Additional Technical Information:
- Reactor for indirect gasification.

- Versatile fuel handling: woody biomass, agricultural residues, coal, waste (e.g. RDF, lignin, etc.)

- Capacity: 4-5 kg/h fuel (25 kWth input).

- Temperatures from about 700 to 850°C.

- Used to investigate gasification behaviour of fuels at different temperatures and/or with different bed materials.

- Nearly N2‐free product gas from standard wood fuel for downstream application or conversion (e.g. gas upgrading, adsorption processes, synthesis).

- OLGA tar removal available downstream MILENA if product gas with low tar content is required for an application or process to be tested.
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