Extrusion type BC 45 Clextral

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Karen Verstraete



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Food Pilot

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisFunded collaborative project
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Asset Information:
Extrusion type BC 45 Clextral
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Hydrothermal processing, Thermal or pressure pretreatment
Technology Area:
Additional Technical Information:
Technical Specifications
•The device is a co-rotating twin-screw extruder
•The extruder consists out of 5 modules of 200 mm
•1st module: supply opening, cooling circuit
•2nd to 5th module: heating, cooling circuit
•The diameter of the screw is 55 mm and the screw speed is adjustable between 0 and 612 rpm
•The unit is equipped with an additional closed module with heating
•Each module is equipped with an inlet for liquid injection
•There is also the possibility of steam injection into one of the modules
•The unit is equipped with the ability to carry out co-extrusion (co-extrusion mold, premix with injection system, conveyor belt crimper and cutter)
•The screw elements are interchangeable and include positive and negative conveying elements and kneading elements
•The mold consists of a die plate with 8 circular openings, individually closable
•There are different insert shapes with different diameters available
•The cutter is a rotating plate with 2 or 4-way blades
•The operating temperature is adjustable between 50 and 200 °C

•Design technique for starch, protein, and fat rich foods
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