Multifunctional volumetric dosing machine Fancy Food

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Karen Verstraete


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Food Pilot

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisFunded collaborative project
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Asset Information:
Multifunctional volumetric dosing machine Fancy Food
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Separation Technologies
Particle classification / sieving
Technology Area:
Mechanical separations
Additional Technical Information:
Technical Specifications
•All parts of the machine that make contact with food are made of stainless steel or ertalon
•The filling volume is adjustable between 50 ml and 500 ml (accuracy ± 1%)
•The unit is equipped with a filling head with control through a three-way valve for viscous products or through check valves for liquids
•The unit is equipped with various nozzles for filling various products
•The unit is equipped with a hopper of 20 l for the supply of the product
•The supply of the product can also be obtained from a tank through a tube
•The device is a table top model
•The dosage of the product is done by means of a foot pedal or can be operated by a hand gun

•Dosing of liquids and thick products with or without pieces, directly from a tank (only liquids) or through a funnel (liquids and thick products)
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