Cooking kettle Firex major Line, type Baskett 130, model PRIV 130 M

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Karen Verstraete


Service Provider:

Food Pilot

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisFunded collaborative project
What "non-technical" services relevant to scale-up does your organisation offer?:None


Asset Information:
Cooking kettle Firex major Line, type Baskett 130, model PRIV 130 M
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Hydrothermal processing, Thermal or pressure pretreatment
Technology Area:
Additional Technical Information:
Technical Specifications
•The unit is completely made of stainless steel type 304
•The vessel has a useful capacity of 130 l
•The double-jacketed vessel is heated with steam (up to a maximum operating temperature of 105 °C) and cooled with external ice or cooling water
•The unit is equipped with a removable stirring and mixing device
•The mixing speed is adjustable
•The vessel is electrically tiltable
•Full automation of the operation of the apparatus is possible
•Parameters such as temperature, process times, agitator speed, ... are adjustable and programmable
•Graphical records, recipes, comparisons of cooking processes can be obtained
•The operating system is read in Dutch

•Cooking of different food products
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