High Pressure Hydrogenation Reactor

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Martin Rothaemel



Service Provider:

Air Liquide Forschung & Entwicklung GmbH

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Asset Information:
High Pressure Hydrogenation Reactor
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Chemical conversions, Heterogeneous catalysis
Technology Area:
Chemical processing
Additional Technical Information:
Pilot plant for hydrogenation of oils and sugar-based alcohols, ester and other components at max 70 bar and 250°C. Heterogeneous catalyst in a trickle-bed operated fixed-bed reactor. Could be suitable for other hydrogenation reactions at higher pressure and higher temperature (trickle-bed prefered).

Note: I had to select a raw material and "Biomass -any" was the most suitable. However, the feedstock should be liquid to be pumped into the pilot plant. Equipment to heat the feedstock up to 90°C (to liquify it or reduce viscosity) is available at the pilot plant.
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