Downstream plant HC

Personal information


Ctibor Kohutovic


Service Provider:

Evonik Fermas

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisNegotiable
What "non-technical" services relevant to scale-up does your organisation offer?:Technoeconomic Assessment


Asset Information:
Downstream plant HC
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Separation Technologies
Membrane filtering
Technology Area:
Mechanical separations
Pilot, Demonstration
Additional Technical Information:
Plant is complementary to 5m3 fermentation scale and consists from
Ceramic MF or UF
Fine Spiral wound UF
Finishing sterile filtration
Chilling system 4-10°C
CIP system
Can produce output in the form of the liquid concentrate like (permeate for further processing, chilled liquid products, frozen products, enzyme solutions, protein preparations in liquid form. We have established cooperation where we can spray dry or lyophylize produced intermediate)
Intended for Technical grade, Feed grade, Food grade, Starting pharma raw materials.
Address : Evonik Fermas s.r.o.Slovenska Lupca 93897613 SK

48.7512519, 19.2392249