Twin Screw Compounding/(Reactive)-Extrusion Lab

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Dr.-Ing. Björn Bergmann


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Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT

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Asset Information:
Twin Screw Compounding/(Reactive)-Extrusion Lab
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Biocomposite processing
Technology Area:
Material technologies
Semi Pilot, Pilot, Demonstration
Additional Technical Information:
The compounding of optimized formulations for nearly every application, and the related tool and process development, are core competences of Fraunhofer ICT. A well-equipped technical lab is available for all the development work. Various extruders and downstream devices are used, as well as specialized equipment for foam production or melt characterization.

Available Extruders:
Leistritz ZSE 18 MAXX: Small twin-screw extruder for the production of small batches of costly materials, material development and reactive extrusions. Equipped with safety devices and specialized ventilation to allow the processing of dangerous substances. Screw diameter 18 mm; Processing length 60 L/D; Throughput 0.2 – 10 kg/h.
Leistritz Micro 27 Extruder: Leistritz extruders are often used for small quantities and in-process developments. Their high flexibility allows us to complete even difficult extrusion and compounding tasks quickly and effectively. At Fraunhofer ICT two different Leistritz extruders with different processing lengths are available. Screw diameter 27 mm; Processing length 36 / 40 L/D; Throughput 3 – 30 kg/h
Leistritz 27 HP Extruder: Extruder for process development. The long processing length allows the flexible design of various processing zones within the processing length, and the integration of new processing techniques. Screw diameter 27 mm; Processing length 52 L/D; Throughput 3 – 80 kg/h; Two side-feeds available
Coperion ZSK 32 MC Extruder: Twin-screw extruder with a long processing length, which is consequently used for demanding compounding tasks and integrated processes with middle and high throughputs. Screw diameter 32 mm; Processing length 48 L/D; Throughput 10 – 200 kg/h
Injection molding compounder: Combines compounding with injection molding technology in a single process.
Downstream processing devices:
Fraunhofer ICT is equipped with a number of standalone downstream processing devices, which can be freely combined with the majority of the extruders mentioned above. Dosing devices and pelletizing technologies, for example, can be freely selected to obtain optimal processing technologies for specific material formulations and tasks.
Integrated processes:
A core competence at Fraunhofer ICT is the development of specialized processes in compounding. Foaming, purification and polymer modification processes can be carried out using a twin-screw extruder. Supercritical CO2, for example, has been used very successfully in recycling processes. Further integrated processes successfully implemented at Fraunhofer ICT include the introduction of ultrasound into the screw area of the extruder to improve the dispersion of particles in the melt, and the incorporation of microwaves into the processing length of a twin-screw extruder.
Incorporation of supercritical gases using Maximator gas dosing station:
Gravimetric dosing station for carbon dioxide. Used in foam extrusion, reactive extrusion or melt purification.
Incorporation of ultrasound in twin-screw extruders:Ultrasound generator with an optimized sonotrode for the introduction of ultrasound into the processing length of twinscrew extruders. Used in dispersion, homogenization and reactive extrusion tasks.
Introduction of microwaves into twin-screw extruders: Tailored cylinder for the introduction of microwaves into the processing length of standard twin-screw extruders. Used as additional, fast reacting heat source for different research tasks.
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