Pilot plant for thermo-chemical conversion of biogenic residues - TCR30

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Robert Daschner



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Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT

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Pilot plant for thermo-chemical conversion of biogenic residues - TCR30
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Primary Processing
Technology Area:
Thermochemical conversions
Additional Technical Information:
In »thermo-catalytic reforming« (TCR® process), residual biomass is converted into synthesis gas, carbonate and liquid bio crude oil, which forms the starting material for synthetic fuels.
In a first stage, the biomass is gently broken down into biochar and volatile components in a continuously operating screw reactor in the absence of oxygen at medium temperatures (< 500 °Celsius). The formation of tar and other pollutants is prevented by optimized process conditions in the various reactor zones.
Second stage: In a post-reformer, the coal and vapors are catalytically refined further at temperatures of up to 700 °Celsius to improve gas yield and product quality. The vapors are then cooled. During condensation, oil and process water are separated. The remaining gas is cleaned.

Three products: oil, gas, coal
Synthesis gas, a dust-free product gas with a very high hydrogen content, which can be up to 50 percent.
Carbonisate (»biochar«) with a high carbon content, which is used in-situ as a catalyst in the TCR process itself, can serve as a soil conditioner or can be stored.
A pyrolysis oil with a petroleum-like consistency, which has a high calorific value and very low acid values (comparable to vegetable oils). It can either be refined together with mineral crude oil in refineries (co-processing) or further processed into products such as petrol and diesel.
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