This section provides access to documents, ranging from policy briefings and annual reports generated by the West Midlands Europe Hub office as well as relevant research papers undertaken by our partners.

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  • By Ryan Titley

Pilots4U Survey Findings

This document contains the findings of the online Pilots4U survey targeting industry participants to understand their needs and wants when it comes to scaling-up a new bio-based process or product.

  • By Ryan Titley

"Scale me up, Scotty" Workshop Presentations

The presentations from the Pilots4U workshop "Scale me up, Scotty", which took place on 18th April 2018 in Brussels.

  • By Ryan Titley

Pilots4U Policy Recommendations

This document contains the policy recommendations deriving from the Pilots4U project.

  • By Ryan Titley

Pilots4U Business Cases

This document contains the three Pilots4U business cases for further investment in pilot/demo infrastructure and associated expertise that help maintaining the current momentum of key bio-based technologies as well as driving new developments.

  • By Ryan Titley

Pilots4U Final Event Report

The report from the Pilots4U Final Event, which took place on 25th June 2019 in Brussels.