Bench Fermentative Reactor

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Environment Park SpA


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Politecnico di Torino

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Asset Information:
Bench Fermentative Reactor
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Anaerobic digestion, Biocatalytic conversions, Gas fermentation
Technology Area:
Anaerobic digestion
Additional Technical Information:
The demonstrative plant consists of stirred digesters of 5 litres is suitable for the production of both bio-hydrogen and biogas. The reactor can operate in batch (STR) and in continuous (CSTR) and it is equipped with a pH, temperature, redox potential, biomass flow rate monitoring system in order to control the key parameters of the process along the fermentation. It is also equipped with a single screw pump that allow proper mixing of the biomass during the fermentative tests.
To create anaerobic conditions, the system is provided with a gas inlet at the bottom of the reactor, where inert gas, i.e. nitrogen, can be injected. During fermentation the gas produced is released through a relief valve which opens at a fixed pressure and is connected to a gas collection system. Produced Gas composition is continuously evaluated through a micro gas-cromatograph and the produced volume is measured through an on-line gas counter in order to control both the quality and the quantity of gas stream. Different typology of biomass can be tested in both plants after being mechanically chopped, mixed and possibly diluted. An automatic control and alarm system permits a flexible and safe management of the plant.
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