Food grade pilot facilities

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Anne Christine Hastrup


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Danish Technological Institute

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Type of Collaboration:Fee paying basisFunded collaborative project
What "non-technical" services relevant to scale-up does your organisation offer?:Process Modelling


Asset Information:
Food grade pilot facilities
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Separation Technologies
Centrifugation, Chemical or enzymatic pre-treatment, Drying, Extraction, Hydrolysis, Mechanical grinding, Membrane filtering, Particle classification / sieving, Particle filtering, Thermal or pressure pretreatment
Technology Area:
Physicochemical separations
Semi Pilot, Pilot
Additional Technical Information:
Our approach to bio-refining is to handle biomass as simply as possible, ensure the functionality of the products and keep costs by using chemically benign processes. These processes may include enzymatic hydrolysis if necessary, mechanical treatment, and heat and pH adjustments, membrane filtration (micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis), and spray drying.
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