From the Lab to the Pilot in Chemistry and Biotechnology

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Stephane SOUM

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Asset Information:
From the Lab to the Pilot in Chemistry and Biotechnology
Raw Material:
Biomass - any
Process Stage:
Secondary Processing
Biocatalytic conversions, Biocomposite processing, Centrifugation, Chemical conversions, Chemical or enzymatic pre-treatment, Crystallisation and precipitation, Distillation, Drying, Evaporation, Extraction, Heterogeneous catalysis, Hydrolysis, Industrial fermentation, Membrane filtering, Polymerisations, Thermal or pressure pretreatment
Technology Area:
Chemical processing
Semi Pilot, Pilot
Additional Technical Information:
Organic synthesis and catalysis
Pressure reaction
Continuous-flow reaction
Extraction, Filtration
ATEX zone

Glass vessels (5 L), Jacketed glass vessels (3 - 10 L), Stainless-steel coated reactor (25 - 50 - 630 L)
C22 Hastelloy reactors (0.5 - 5 - 20 L, 250C, 150 bar)
C22 Hastelloy tubular reactor (baffled, pulsed, 2-40 L/h, DN15*14 m, 200 °C, 25 bar),
C22 Hastelloy drying filter (350 L), Plate filter press (35 m², 250 oC, 0,2 µm-1 mm)
Thin-film evaporator (glass, 200 oC), Glass-filled distillation column (200 oC, 1 mbar, 100 L/h, 18 theoretical plates)

Gas and liquid chromatography – Viscometer – Rheometer – UV Spectrometer – Potentiometer – Foam analyser – DSC

Address : Parc Techno des Rives de l’Oise, Rue les Rives de l'oise60201 FR

49.417816, 2.826145